Unni & Unni Associates is a reputed Law Firm in Bengaluru, India, is dedicated to providing distinctly high quality and dependable legal advice and representation in civil, corporate, labour and commercial and Criminal Law to an extensive clientele comprising individuals, businesses, companies, corporate houses and public sector banks and industries. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, honest, practical and timely legal solutions to our Clients.

The Firm’s Partners possess vast experience in several areas of Corporate world, Indian law and procedures relating to functioning of the Legal system and procedures in India.

Our office is situated in the conventional commercial hub of the metropolis of Bengaluru, in close proximity to the Courts of Law and the State Government’s Offices. We are ably supported by well organised clerical and para-legal staff.

Unni & Unni Associates is dedicated to working with Clients to help them overcome legal challenges through the best possible attention and legal guidance. We pride ourselves on a hands-on, personalized approach in representing our clients. We also tailor our strategy and tactics to each client’s unique circumstances.

The Firm’s Partners and Associates put in their best to help Clients to achieve desired results after carefully considering all available legal options. Preserving elements of personalized and traditional lawyer-client relationship is paramount. At Unni & Unni, our goal is to always strive for complete Client satisfaction through attention to detail and most importantly by adhering to stringent ethical standards.

We also aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal service at our office and to maintain that level of quality and integrity at every point of contact.

Backed by decades of experience and expertise our Partners and Associates offer sound and reliable legal advice to Clients and also represent their interests before various Courts, Tribunals, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities across the Country.

Unni & Unni Associates represents a broad spectrum of Clients and we are committed to providing outstanding legal services. Clients depend on our Firm’s ability to find innovative solutions to complex issues and our Partners and Associates use the vast reserves of experience and resources to help Clients handle and overcome these challenges.

The Partners and Associates at Unni & Unni comprise of lawyers with a wide range of practice across a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and apply their extensive industry expertise to best serve Clients including large and medium corporates, public sector banks and undertakings, educational and other public institutions, diverse business entities, individuals and Government Departments.